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Frequently Asked Questions


We know you have questions, and we're here to help. Below are frequently asked questions  about Mt. Zion A.M.E Dover. We hope you find what your looking for. If you have a question that does not appear on the list please contact us and let us know  how we can help. 

  • Where is Mt. Zion?
    101 N. Queen St, Dover, DE on the Corner of N. Queen St and Fulton St. We are: -A 5 minute walk from Wesley College -A 5 minute drive from Delaware State University -A 10 minute drive from Wilmington University Dover Campus
  • When are your Worship Services?
    The Morning Worship Experience begins at 10:30 a.m on Sunday.
  • What should I expect on Sunday?
    The Sunday Morning Worship Experience is approximately an hour and 30 minutes in length. Our Worship Experience is a myriad of traditional and contemporary liturgy and musical styles in this order: -Altar Prayer -Announcements -Call To Worship -Praise and Worship -Invocation (Prayer) -Musical Selection (Choir) -Scripture Lesson -Musical Selection (Congregational Hymn) -Offering for Missions & Outreach -Welcome/Passing of Peace -Tithes/Offering -Musical Selection (Choir) -Sermon -Invitation to Christian Discipleship and Church Membership -Corporate Prayer -Recessional -Benediction (Closing Prayer) -Departure To assist you with the Worship Experience you will be given a Worship Bulletin when you arrive. If you are a guest, you will also be given a welcome package to take home and review. We ask that you fill out the guest card during the service so that we can stay in touch with you in the future.
  • How should I dress?
    Mt. Zion does not have a dress code but the attire of the congregation is a reflection of our intergenerational church. During the Sunday Morning Worship Experience, you will find most worshippers in: -Sunday Best (Suits & Ties) or -Business Casual (slacks, button-down shirts, skirts, and dresses). However, there are also members and guest who prefer Casual (Dress Down) attire. We want you to be comfortable in worship and welcome you to wear what is most comfortable.Our only request is that your attire is non-distractive (i.e. not too short, too tight or revealing). During the summer months, we encourage everyone to “Dress Down.”
  • Does Mt Zion record or stream the Worship Experience?
    You can watch us live by clicking on the Watch Us Button located on the homepage or by clicking the Watch Us tab located in the menu above. We can also be found on Facebook and YouTube
  • Where should I park?
    When you arrive at Mt. Zion, we invite you to park on the street or in one of our parking lots located on the rear, on the right of our church or in front of our church. There are also several handicap spaces located around the church. If you need special assistance, please call the church and we will be glad to you. Mt. Zion is handicap accessible. Once inside you will be greeted and if needed, someone will be happy to guide you direct you to the sanctuary or one of the classrooms.
  • Is transportation available?
    At this time - due to COVID- transportation is limited. Please contact the church office for details
  • How do I connect with the church?
    You can find our contact information in our Connect tab or at the footer of each page. We also invite you to text us @ 302-464-8791 with any questions or call 302-678-9478
  • When is Bible Study?
    There are several Bible Studies: -Tuesday @ 6 p.m. virtually -Tuesday @ 12 noon -Men's Bible Study 2nd/4th Friday nights virtually
  • Can I be baptized?
    Baptism is one of our sacraments. Baptisms are scheduled throughout the year in consultation with the Pastor. For more information contact the church office.
  • Can I have my wedding at Mt. Zion?
    Congratulations on your engagement! Mt Zion is happy to meet with you to discuss your wedding plans. Contact the church office to set up a meeting with you and your partner.
  • Who do I contact for funeral assistance?
    When the time comes for you to schedule homegoing services for a loved one, please contact Pastor Crawford or the Church office as soon as possible so that we can assist you with the planning.
  • What are the church’s hours of operation?
    The administrative offices are open Monday, Wednesday,Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pastor Crawford also has offices hours. An appointment to meet with her can be set by contacting the church office throuch telephone or email.
  • How can I get my child involved the youth ministry?
    We are excited about our growing youth ministry and welcome you to get your youth involved. For more information on youth ministries, please visit the ministry page.
  • What about membership?
    Mt. Zion is a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC), a denomination established in 1816 by "Freed Persons of Color". Mt. Zion has an integrated ministry which incorporates the historic traditions of the AMEC and contemporary worship. The Believers at Mt. Zion represent multiple generations from a variety of backgrounds and locations, with a wealth of gifts, talents and Christian experiences. Focused on discipleship rather than membership, we open our doors, arms and hearts to walk with you on your Christian journey as our beloved brother or sister in Christ — not just as a name on the roll. We invite you to worship with us and if the Lord leads you to unite with Mt. Zion when the call of Christian Discipleship is made during at the end of the Worship Experience please come forward. At that time, the Pastor or Ministers will greet you, select a Class Leader (church partner) to walk with you as you familiarize yourself with the church and congregation. A date and time will be set for you to participate in our "New Members" course. After 90 days (often called the probationary period), we will welcome you into full discipleship (membership) at Mt. Zion and extend to you the "Right Hand of Fellowship" with all of the rights and privileges of a full disciple. We invite you to contact the church office or an officer of the church to learn more. Complete Membership Application by clicking here
  • What if I'm coming from another Methodist or AME Church?
    If you are coming to us as a member in good and regular standing of another Methodist body (with a letter), you will immediately become a full member of Mt. Zion.
  • What if I'm just here temporarily, can I still become a member?"
    We are glad to have you as a part of this body of Believers and welcome you to join as an affiliate member or "under watchcare" which will allow you to enjoy some of the privileges of membership at Mt Zion while maintaining your membership in your home church.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

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