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Our Team

Ministry Team

Our Ministry Team is responsible for ministry operations and how to serve the community.

Ellis B. Louden                       Dr. Rev. Erika D. Crawford                       Rev. Jean M. Sudler

Presiding Elder                       Pastor                                                     Pulpit Staff

Rev. Pamela Connelly             Rev. Margaret Powell                               Thomina McIntyre

Pulpit Staff                             Affiliate                                                  Evangelist

Rev. (Elect) Linda Johnson     Mother Charmaine Grice                        Mother Clemontine Keys

Ministerial Staff                     Deaconess                                             Deaconess

Staff Team

Our Staff Team supports the Ministry Team in serving the community and congregation.

Taja Jones                             Sis. Katrina Smith                                    Rev. Pamela Connelly

Church Bookkeeper               Church School Superintendent                 Director of Christian Education

Sis. B. Joann Brown               Bro. Terry Deputy                                    Sis. Dorothy Coleman

Director of Music                  Chairperson of Scholarship Committee    Lay Organization-President

Br. George Roach                   Br. Kenneth Roach                                   Sis.Madie McDougal

RWCGE Choir-President           Young Adult Ministry-President                     WMS-President

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